Friday, July 29, 2011

Valerie Strauss: "Why Save Our Schools March is happening Saturday"

As hundreds of education advocates, parents, teachers and students prepare to bring their demands for substantive education reform to our nation's capitol tomorrow, Washington Post blogger Valerie Strauss writes about her interview with organizers of the Save Our Schools March taking place in Washington, D.C.

In her blog -- originally posted on -- read remarks from march organizers Anthony Cody is a veteran California science teacher who has a blog called Living in Dialogue for Education Week Teacher and Rita Solnet is a Florida businesswoman, parent and education activist, and co-founder of the nonprofit Parents Across America.

By Valerie Strauss

I long wondered why public school teachers sat quietly during the decade-long No Child Left Behind era watching high-stakes standardized test-based reform take hold, leading to a host of damaging unintended consequences (narrowed curriculum and teaching to the test, just to name a few).

This Saturday, teachers, along with principals, parents and other activists, quiet no longer, are scheduled to take their concerns to Washington, D.C., with a march intended to let the Obama administration know that they are unhappy with corporate-based school reform that is obsessed with test-based “accountability,” the expansion of charter schools and other measures.

I recently asked two march organizers why, now, after all these years, they were speaking out. Here, in a repost, is what they said:

Read the full post here.

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