Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Texas school discipline study links severe punishments to lower graduation rates, higher rates of crime later

Tina Dove
National Director, OTL Campaign

Today’s release of a school discipline study from the Council of State Governments echoes serious concerns of ours at the OTL Campaign – especially in light of evidence that suspensions and expulsions have been shown to be linked to lower graduation rates, higher rates of later criminal activity and that minority students are more likely than whites to face the most severe punishments.

The study reviewed discipline records for nearly 1 million children in Texas and is representative of a national problem – school systems relying too heavily on zero-tolerance policies that ineffectively deal with student behavior.

The following news articles are among those that take a closer look at the report and its findings:

New York Times

Houston Chronicle
Texas school discipline under the microscope

Austin American Statesman

Washington Post

Ed Week
Half of Texas' Students Have Been Suspended, Study Finds

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