Friday, April 22, 2011

Public school teacher: 13 reasons I’m outraged

Over on the Washington Post's Answer Sheet blog, guest writer Kathie Marshall posted an incisive blogpost, "13 Reasons I'm Outraged."

It's written in a wonderful polemical tone - a tone that's increasingly needed these days to capture the sheer magnitude of the problems facing our children and our public education system. A few choice reasons:
"I’m outraged that California politicians have so destroyed the eighth largest economy in the world that we are close to having a third-world educational system in place. Who’s going to want to educate my beloved grandchildren when they enter school?"

"I’m outraged that my students, growing up in one of the poorest communities in Los Angeles, are expected to perform better than ever while being provided with fewer and fewer resources in and out of school during these dismal economic times. Who cares about students who’ve lost their homes? Lost a parent? Speak little English? Didn’t eat yesterday?"

Check out the entire post here.

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